FPV Drone Racing – 3 Best Leagues

Since the birth of drone technology, many people have adopted it. And currently, the use of the drone has penetrated different sectors. For example, it has eased search and rescue operations, photography, even the transportation and deliveries have adopted it too.But in the recent past, it’s fast getting into the racing sports. In fact, the first person view (FPV) racing is speedily taking grip on many people and increasingly becoming a trendy sport.When you consider it’s swiftly gaining popularity, it’s only a matter of time until it gives the mainstream racing a stiff competition.Then we have the dawn of FPV goggles. That has made close watch over the drone, keeping check of its speed and dodging accidents much simpler than before.Thus the blending of the FPV goggles and the FPV racing drones has pumped professionalism and sophistication into the game. And that has enabled the FPV racing to have a hard thrilling grip on racers and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) fans. So how old is FP…

FPV Drone Cameras – How do they work?

FPV cameras are cheap and lightweight components that enable you to attain the best ‘real-time view’. These are mounted on to the drone and send live pictures via a video transmitter. FPV cameras are becoming increasingly popular and from amateurs to experts, there are varieties available for all levels of skill.In this article, you will find out more about FPV Drone Cameras, and read about they work.Why use an FPV Drone camera?Fact file-FPV drone cameras are nothing but CCTV camerasMost of the High Definition (HD) cameras installed on drones will provide you with live coverage of the respective area. You can connect the camera to your video transmitter to see the aerial view and then record the photos/videos.The issue here, however, is latency. The latency is approximately 100-200 ms which is negligible for general flying drones but could be an issue for FPV racing drones.The FPV racer flies at a typical speed of 50 kph and a delay of even 100ms means that you receive the footage aft…

10 Best Drones for GoPro – Review & Buying Guide

GoPro is the manufacturer of the best action cameras. Club the power of a GoPro action camera with a drone and you are looking at some exciting photoshoot sessions from sky high.Now, if you are looking for a review of the best drones for GoPro action cameras, then you have arrived at the right place.What you are looking for is essentially a quadcopter that:Makes the most out of the powerful action camera,Provides excellent value for money.The best way to optimize your action camera photography is to attach your GoPro to the underside of the drone. You can either use a gimbal or a set mount bracket.You will be able to take amazing and HD quality photos from above by using your GoPro with a drone.
This is the ultimate review and buying guide for the drones that work well with GoPro action cameras.In this review, we will cover 10 of the top drones for GoPros. If you are in a hurry, we recommend the best drone, then we have a comparison table that shows the 10 drones and finally a detaile…

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The purpose of my blog is to help others make proper decisions when considering their next drone purchase. As we know, they are not the cheapest cool tech on the market. Buying the wrong drone can be a giant letdown and leave you wanting more.

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